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Why ezBike?

ezBike is a fast, convenient, and sustainable to move through the city. You'll enjoy all the advantages of having your own electric bike, but do not have the burden of actually owning one.

Quickly from A to B

Ride door-to-door, evade traffic jams, and park for free. Don’t worry about charging either, we’ll take care of that.


ezBike is always cheaper than driving a car or taking a taxi. You can move faster in the city and you have no parking or fuel costs.


ezBikes are 100% electric and silent, so you won't bother anyone. All ezBike customers contribute to a cleaner and quieter city.

How ezBike Works

Use the ezBike app to locate, reserve, and activate the nearest bike. You can start your ride in 3 simple steps.

Find and Reserve

Use the app to locate an ezBike near you.

You can make a free 15-minute reservation, and walk to your reserved ezBike. When you are next to your reserverd ezBike, scan the QR code on it to activate it and start your ride.

Ride and Enjoy

You can drive everywhere within the ezBike coverage area fast and carefree. We make sure the batteries are charged.

If you want to stop somewhere, simply pause your ride from your ezBike app so you are billed at a lower rate when the bike is not in use.

Park and Lock

Once you have arrived at your destination, you can easily park the ezBike at a suitable location. You can end your trip using the ezBike app when you are parked correctly within the coverage area.

After your ride you can use the ezBike app to get trip information and see charges.